Hat & Scarf Drive-2017


2017 Hat & Scarf Drive begins on Jan.1, 2017 and ends on Dec.1, 2017. This year we are having a Hat & Scarf Drive for the Homeless/Needy and we would like you to join us. We need Crafty people (crochet, knit, sew, weave), to help us make the donations. If you don’t know how to do these crafts no problem we are accepting store bought items as well. Also we will be accepting, cowls, headbands, gloves, mittens, leg warmers, socks, baby, ponchos, scarves, baby blankets, dolls/toys (crochet/knit) and any small items… We are hoping to help thousands of people this year and can use all the help we can get. We are also looking for volunteers to be branch managers in every state.



*Connie M Rios (the hub of our homeless project).

*Julieann Jeffords  (Northern NY)

**I am in desperate need of a branch manager in NYC. If anyone is interested please email me ( NYPHC@gmx.com ) for more info.**


*Tracy Truesell

*Terry Rickabaugh


*Connie Biske-Gilliss

ME: Maggie Abbott

If you are interested in being a branch manager, please contact me for the details.

If you live in one of these states and would like to donate and/or be a Helper, please contact one of the managers.

We are in desperate need of yarn donations and helpers.

We would also appreciate it tremendously if you could share our homeless project with your friends and family, and help us get the word out.

Thank You! NYPHC/Connie M Rios. Help us make 2017 the best year ever!


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