Running A Branch/Becoming A Branch Manager…

First I’ll set up a page for your branch. It will be something like –Project Homeless Collaborative or –PHC and you will be able to add photos of donations and posts to get others to donate. Right now, we have branches in NY, PA, AZ, OK, ME… I’m hoping to open a branch in 9 more state (states are listed below). Actually we have three branches in NY, one in central NY, the one I admin, one in northern NY and one in Southern NY.
What you’ll need to do is make the donations, get others to donate their time to make the items and/or donate yarn (you’ll need to keep a record of everything that you get in donations. Don’t ask for money).
I’m going to need you to keep a written record of every one who donates as well as what they donate and when they donate it. Also you’ll need to post photos of their donations and your donations on your branch page. You’ll need to tag me in every post so I can share with my other branch members and on NYPHC branch page. For every photo you post I’ll need to know exactly what’s in it. Sometimes it’s not obvious. I need to know for my records and you should know for your records. Everything is totally voluntary and no one makes a cent.
You ask for donations right on face book. I will also post things about you branch and how much you need donations. I do this for all branches regularly.
Once you get donations you’ll need to have a place to store them.
We don’t give out all of our collected donations until December, right before Christmas. Everything that is donated has to be into the branch managers by Dec.1st. You’ll need to work out delivery with the people who are donating to you. You will donate within your area.
If you plan on donating to the street homeless, PLEASE, do not go out alone.
We start in January accepting donations, and donate everything in December.
You can also tag your friends and family. Anyone you think might be interested in donating.
You can get to know the other branch managers, Helpers and everyone involved in the project right here in the blog or in the groups (Let’s Talk About NY, Let’s Talk About PA or Let’s Talk About AZ). I can also set up a group for your branch if you like.  I encourage you to add them to your friends list. They can be invaluable when you need to ask an important question/need help and I’m not available.
I’m the Owner/Project Coordinator/CEO, and I also manage my own branch NYPHC, I’m a Jill-of- all-trades when it comes to this project. 🙂
After your page is set up I ask that you do not change anything in the settings part of the page. You can add photos (donations..yours and others), videos of homelessness, stories that you find on the net that are relevant to homelessness in the USA, etc…..
**You’ll also need to find the shelters in your area at least a couple of months before Dec. And talk to someone in charge and make an appointment to deliver your donations. This is very important. Last year we had a difficult time finding places that would accept our donations. I know that’s hard to believe but it happened. So start checking around for places to donation way in advance, just to be safe. I want all donations given out before Christmas.**
It helps if you’re an organized person and have enough time in your life to run a branch. It doesn’t take much once you get the hang of it, but you will need time. You’ll also need to have the space to store all your donations.
We only accept new, clean donations. No exceptions and no gently used/used items are allowed. We also accept store bought donations.
I’m here for you whenever you have a question. If you need an answer in a hurry you can contact any of the other branch managers, or go to my group is let’s Talk About NYPHC or this blog, we’re all here to help each other.
We’re like one big family on this project and hope to be bigger in the future.
Have any questions? Feel free to ask them.
That’s about it.
Thank You for considering us and our project.
*Afterthought: I will most likely update this section on occasion, when needed.

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