Welcome To PHC!

We are… Project Homeless Collaborative.

I’m one person with a handful of very caring ladies who want to help one homeless person at a time. We can’t help them all, but all it takes is one person with a dream to find others with the same dream and it’s a start.

Please help us get the word out by sharing this blog with your family and friends. Thank You!

“Helping the homeless…With loving hands and warm hearts.”


2 thoughts on “Welcome To PHC!

  1. Thank you for doing your part. It seems these days people say the volunteer but it’s far from the truth! Bless you for helping.

    I live in a retirement community in Green Valley, Arizona and the only thing people do here is complain about their neighbors! I’m trying to get people together to assist neighbors in keeping up their homes as every home here is part of sn HOA! What happened to the original version of neighbors who helped out where need and would never let anyone be homeless or be left to fend for themselves when their home and life fell into disrepair? I am trying to figure out what is the best approach!

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    • The best thing you can do is start on Face Book. I never thought I would bring people together to help with my cause but I did. All it takes is one person with a dream, to get others with the same dream to join in. You can make anything happen. Thank You!


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