AZ Water Drive


Project Homeless Collaborative:
After talking with Connie Biske-Gilliss, Terry Rickabaugh and Tracy Truesell, we have decided to have a year round Bottle Water Drive to help the homeless/needy/children and the elderly in AZ stay hydrated during the oppressive heat in that state.
We are hoping to help as many people as we possibly can. All donations will be purchased through Wal-Mart and Connie will be picking it up at her local Wal-Mart. This is the process: Constance B. Gilliss
Walmart 18551 N. 83rd Ave Glendale, AZ 85308.
This is how you order: Go to sign in, find the water you want to buy, on the right you will see find a store, add the store zip-code ( 85308) two addresses will come up. Pick the one I just gave you. Add the water to your cart, check out in step 2 Choose Pickup Person, add Connies Name, your email & cell number. Click continue, add your payment info and address, click “Review Your Order.” then pay. They will give her 7 days to pick up the order and send you emails/texts when it becomes available for pick up. IM the order number to Connie.
That’s it. We need people willing to donate.You can contact me (Connie M Rios)
#NY (
(, branch managers are, Tracy Truesell &
Terry Rickabaugh.
#AZ (, branch manager is: Connie Biske-Gilliss
If you live in AZ and would like to donate directly to Connie Biske-Gilliss please contact her for details. We would also appreciate it tremendously if you could share this post and help us get the word out. Thank You!
Connie Biske-Gilliss
Connie M Rios.
Help us make 2017 the best year ever! 

As Of Jul 12th:

We’re up to 630 Bottles Of Water!!!!

*Connie M. Rios: 8 cases (280 bottles)

*Terry Rickabaugh: 5 cases (175 bottles)

*Tracy Truesell: 5 cases (175 bottles)







10 cases ordered by Connie M. Rios

10 cases ordered by Tracy Truesell & Terry Rickabaugh

20 Cases from Connie & Friend



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